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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

OS X App Development with CloudKit and Swift

Computing Milieux | June 22 2016 | ISBN-10: 1484218795 | 131 pages | pdf | 8.52 mb
Authors: Wade, Bruce
A definitive and practical guide to building apps using Cloudkit and Swift
Ideal for developers who are struggling to get to grips with Cloudkit
Everything is covered from initial build to improving performance
This book is your step-by-step guide to learning OS X app development using CloudKit and Swift.
All the development will be done using Apple's Swift 2 programming language. You'll see how to define data for your app and build a prototype with Sketch 3 and Keynote. Using CloudKit to store OS X application data, and separate public and private data, readers will learn how to control which data can or cannot be changed in a public data store. takes you from prototyping your app with Sketch 3 all the way through building a data-driven app using CloudKit, and everything in between.
What You'll Learn
How to create Test Data with CloudKit Dashboard
How to refine a prototype
How to update CloudKit Data from an app
How to add Local Cache to improve performance
Who This Book Is For is for the iOS or OS X developer who is struggling to get to grips with CloudKit. If you're looking for a solid example from start to finish using CloudKit with Swift 2 this book's for you. You should have an understanding of the Swift language, e.g. the differences between var/let, how to work with control statements, closures etc., to work confidently with this book.
Number of Illustrations and Tables
93 b/w illustrations
Computing Methodologies
Computing Milieux
OS X App Development with CloudKit and SwiftOS X App Development with CloudKit and Swift


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