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Monday, February 6, 2017

how to create a free private git repository

Create your project in which is providing 1,00,000 private repository.

You can manage here:
* Import project from others server like github or bitbucket
* Wiki
* Code Snippets
* Powerful APIs
* Control read/write permissions to specific branches
* Track and manage releases
* Issues, Issue Board, Todo
* Milestones
* Powerful diff tools
* Jenkins Integration
* SSH, HTTPS supporting tools

GitLab Enterprise vs GitHub Enterprise

releasedSeptember 2011April 2008
PricingUnlimited public and private repositories / unlimited public and private collaboratorsFree for public repositories / Paid plans for private repositories
Code review featuresyesyes
Bug & issue trackingyesyes
Private branchyesYes (with paid plans)
Build systemyesYes (with 3rd party service)
Self-hostingyesYes (with enterprise plan)
Popularity100.000+ projects35.000.000+ projects
detailed pricingFree: / Free: GitLab Community Edition / $39 / Year: GitLab EnterpriseFree: public projects / $7/month: Personal plan / $25/month: organization plan / $2.500/year: Enterprise